Surviving the Business Storm Cycle

Have you ever watched a company implode? It happens to the best of companies. If you’re on the outside looking in, you may say to yourself, “ Wow! Somebody did something wrong!” And if you’re on the inside looking out, you’re probably beating your head against the wall, trying to figure out what went wrong. Most times, though, the truth is this: no one did anything wrong. In fact, a lot of people probably did a lot of things right. So why do perfectly healthy businesses suddenly start slipping downward?

To answer this question, Dave Hopson has developed a model known as the Business Storm Cycle. In his book Surviving the Business Storm Cycle: How to Weather Your Business’s Ups and Downs, he demonstrates how each of the cycle’s phases requires a different approach. Learning to recognize the cycle’s phases and how to react to each phase is critical to being a solid, growing, exciting company versus a company that simply hangs on from one crisis to the next.

Dave has helped numerous companies prepare for these predictable phases. The key is scalability and seamlessness between each element that makes your company tick. This book will help you to understand what each phase of the business cycle can entail, what can be done to be prepared, and how to transition on to the next phase. Cycles are a beautiful reality in nature; it is not surprise that they are also observed in the business world. Learn Dave Hopson’s secret to surviving the business life cycle today.

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