Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Triumphus has a patented Remote Terminal Unit/ PLC with built in communications to affordably connect virtually any device so that data and control can be adapted to existing equipment and controls for data collection and remote control.

Optipetrol-M2M® Wireless Telemetry, it is a modern concept which can be operated and administrated on cellular networks GSM/GPRS, Iridium and Inmarat satellites /radio developed by Global Telecom Inc., which it can provide real-time operation data to the end users such as processes of production systems, transport , storage,  Oil & Gas refining, as well as,  it provides a new intelligent chemical injection system, improving chemical injection delivers and the prescribed dosage; also, transport operations is reduced, also the conveyance of operations is optimized thanks to remote monitoring, optimizing manpower utilization in other productive activities.

Optipetrol-M2M® is also able to capture real time Beam Pump Dynocards facilitating Rod Pumping wells diagnosis and optimization.

Optipetrol-M2M® is an application oriented to data transmission, communication, navigation and monitoring control equipment and / or wireless thru media control applications, flexible and adaptable to customer requirements, low cost and high impact on reducing operational costs.

Tornado Killers

Surviving the business storm cycle

Have you ever watched a company implode? It happens to the best of companies. If you’re on the outside looking in, you may say to yourself, “ Wow! Somebody did something wrong!” And if you’re on the inside looking out, you’re probably beating your head against the wall, trying to figure out what went wrong. Most times, though, the truth is this: no one did anything wrong. In fact, a lot of people probably did a lot of things right. So why do perfectly healthy businesses suddenly start slipping downward?

What goes up must come down

A cycle of rapid growth can’t be maintained forever and will inevitably be followed by a time of waning growth. By being fully prepared for the stage of acceleration, you have also prepared yourself for the phase that follows. Triumphus’s solution is scalability. Every element of your business should be easily scalable to fit any stage.

Over the years of working with many different types of companies, Triumphus has observed a similar cycle in all of them. Each phase of this cycle requires different accommodations when it comes to people, processes, and technology. Triumphus is dedicated to helping companies plan for each predictable phase of their business cycle in order to avoid the collapse that can happen with poor planning and systems that aren’t prepared for what’s to come.

Every business begins in the startup phase of the business cycle. In this phase, everything is new, the people are passionate, and systems are pulled together by any means necessary. This may work brilliantly to get the company off the ground, but as soon as production skyrockets, pieced-together technology and can-do attitudes won’t cut it. Learn how to safeguard long-term business success with “Surviving the Business Storm Cycle”.

Document Control Solutions for SharePoint

Triumphus has developed specialized software that sits on top of SharePoint (Office 365 or onsite) that provides a very quick templated solution for specific business requirements surrounding these business problems.

  • Energy Focus

    • NERC compliance;
    • NIST compliance;
    • Turbine Maintenance & Warranty contracts;
    • Land Contracts;
    • Royalty Agreements & Payments
  • Municipal Focus

    • Body Camera video footage;
    • Maintenance Contracts;
    • Police/Sheriff Reports
  • Chemical SDS sheets and Audit

  • SOX Document Management and Audit