So – you dropped a bundle on the newest cutting-edge software that the salesperson assured you was the magic bullet to solve all of your problems – yet costs are still going up, and processes are still bad. How could this be? You’ve got the best possible technology!

As a company administrator, you can see there’s a problem, but you don’t understand what’s causing it – because you haven’t considered the other two factors, people and processes.

New technology can’t help if you’re still using the same old processes. Chances are that every department—from marketing to R&D, accounting to human resources, production to administration, and customer service to security—all continue to run pretty much the same way they always did. Yet they and you have the tools needed to build greater efficiency—to become better, faster, smarter—if they could just integrate IT with their processes and people. Instead, you continue to throw more and more technology at the situation, saying to yourself “ If we just had a better piece of technology . . . or a new piece of software . . . a new device . . . everything would work better.”

But a good business needs good processes, good people, and good technology. If you only have one or two of those things, your business is in trouble, and it’s not the staff’s fault; if they haven’t been trained to grow with the company, you can’t blame them. And just bringing on more people isn’t a fix. You need to invest in your people just as much as you invest in your technology.

The same goes for a business’s processes. The processes that worked when it was a one-person shop no longer work for a company that’s worth $6 5 million; what worked at $50 million no longer works at $100 million; and certainly, when a company is at $750 million, none of that works.

Until you invest your time, attention and money in your people and processes, no amount of spending on IT is going to be enough.

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